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Slick X adds a slicker surface, glossier finish and unrivaled shine

The Next Generation of Ceramics is Here! Blair Ceramics Now with Graphene

The Next Generation of Ceramics is Here!

Blair Ceramics Now with Graphene

Blair Ceramics Layering Process

Blair Ceramic Layering Process

Blair Ceramics Experience

Our Products

Our Products

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“A game changer! Brilliant shine and clarity equal to a hand polish. Results are head and shoulders above the national brand that we have used exclusively since opening. I highly recommend this product line.”

- Marc Bell

Owner of Ocean Express (Winner of South West Car Wash of the year 2015)

“I’ve tried all the other national brands. Blair Ceramics is by far the best product I
have ever used. The shine is absolutely unbeatable. The proof really is in the results. I would highly recommend Blair Ceramics to any car wash looking to give
themselves an edge.”

- Jeremy Place

GM, H2WOW Car Wash

“It was amazing. We got excited right away. We noticed that as the cars went through the tunnel multiple times, the shine just kept getting better. And that’s where the Blair Ceramics Layering Technology really comes in.”

- Rusty Hall

GM, The Car Wash Lodge

We are lightyears ahead of our competition. We are continually evolving the industry.

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