This innovative, ceramic-infused product fits seamlessly into the Blair’s exclusive Ceramics line of tunnel products. It’s Dual Induction ability inhances the performance of other ceramic products.

Quartz Full Body Protectant

The ultimate in full body protection. Quartz has self-leveling properties that will fill in small imperfections over repeated use, leaving a deep mirror like finish on paint, glass, and chrome. Its UV blockers provide superior durability and unrivaled shine.

Ceramic Shine

Ceramic Shine has three new ceramic properties added to it that now add a shiny, silky look and feel to the exterior. It creates a deeper, better shine and strong, durable finish. Ceramic Shine can be used in the tunnel or as a stand-alone product.

Extreme Gloss Lava Polish

Extreme Gloss Lava Polish offers all of the benefits of the defender clear coat but is applied in a slightly different way. The polish coats your vehicle with a truly lasting shiny finish and, as with all Blair Products, is a UV protectant. Experience the awesome power of the Extreme Gloss Lava Polish!

Ceramic Gloss

Ceramic Gloss is a game changer for the In-Bay Automatic car wash industry. It combines high foaming shampoo cleaning properties and Ceramic Shine characteristics that provide superior durability, more clarity and it gives the vehicle a smooth, silky surface.

Defender Clear Coat Protectant

Defender Clear Coat Protectant is a revolutionary breakthrough in the car wash industry. Defender is a true protectant that leaves any treated surface with increased shine and gloss, along with great beading abilities, UV protection and self cleaning abilities.

Trilogy Quick Rinsing Foam Polish

If you’re looking to give your vehicle a quick but effective polish, look no further. Try Trilogy Quick Rinsing Foam Polish to give your vehicle a smooth polish that rinses quickly and cleanly without the need for further buffering and also provides your vehicle with UV protection.

Ram Dry Concentrated Drying Agent

A drying agent with ceramic properties that aids in the rapid removal of water at the end of the wash process with out streaking. Non-MSO

Wicked Wash Foam Shampoo

A deep cleaning, quick-rinsing, and high-gloss shampoo for your car wash that neutralizes the pH levels!

Ceramic Shine for Wheels

Ceramic Shine for Wheels is designed to create a barrier between the rim’s surface and the daily debris our vehicles collect. That ceramic barrier makes it easier to remove dirt and grime and protects your rims from the effects of heat, oxidation and brake dust.

Underbody Rust Inhibitor


Cleaning the underbody of your car is as important as cleaning the rest of it. Mud, sand, and salt get stuck in hard-to-clean recesses of a vehicle’s underbody. Rust can start when a car’s built-in protective layers are breached. Blair’s Underbody Rust Inhibitor is a true, long-lasting corrosion fighter.

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