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Join the Ceramics Revolution by incorporating Slick X into your operation as one of your offerings OR as an additive into one of your ceramic products.
Slick X is a cutting-edge, ceramic-infused product that complements Blair’s Ceramic line adding an even slicker surface, glossier finish and unrivaled shine.

The Science

  • Dual Induction ability enhances performance of other ceramic products
  • Stable Molecular structure makes it very inert and non-reactive
  • Slick X’s active ingredients form a semi-permanent covalent bond

Graphene Oxide

The Results

  • Smooth, durable surface produces very low surface energy
  • Protects finish from chemical attack and physical abrasion
  • Boosts hydrophobic properties
  • Dramatically reduces Microbeeding
  • Reduces Drip Space

What This Means To You

Slick X’s Versatility gives you a lot of options

  • Use as a new product in any tunnel operation
  • Use as a new step for In-Bay Automatic operations
  • Add as an additive to a Blair Ceramic product
  • Add as an additive to ANY Ceramic product you’re currently using
Shiney Car
Shiney Car

Ceramic Surface Enhancer

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